Machine Gun Kelly Accused Of Having Sex With Watermelon

By HHL Editors

A blind item hit the web recently about a "white rapper" and a "blonde model". It reads:

This bad boy rapper is currently dating a blonde model who has been linked to multiple famous men, including athletes and movie stars and rappers. However, even someone as experienced as she is may find it difficult to satisfy his sexual needs. He parties a lot and frequently has to deal with hangovers. His remedy? “When I cum, it kind of relieves everything. If I fuck, take a shower, throw up, shit, and then take a shower again, I’m back to square one.” He admitted that once, when there were no girl around to help him with his hangover, he still needed something to fuck. So, he fucked a watermelon. BONUS CLUE! The rapper is white.
Granted, calling Amber Rose a "blonde" or a "model" is a bit dubious. But it's pretty clear this a reference to Rose and her new guy, Machine Gun Kelly.

Since the mega website Gawker has already outed MGK as the fruit fornicator we don't feel so bad about forwarding this sordid and very personal tale.

If Kelly (allegedly) bangs watermelons, and Kanye's (allegedly) a gay fish we can only imagine what kind of kink Wiz Khalifa is into.


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