Ma$e Ties Diddy To 2Pac's Accused Murderer


Twenty-seven years later, Keefe D has been arrested for the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Keefe has been pretty open about being in the car that fired on Pac on that fateful Vegas night.

He's also suggested that Diddy offered money for the death of 2Pac and Suge Knight, who was in the car with Pac when he was gunned down.

During the latest episode of It Is What It Was, Ma$e sarcastically tied Diddy to Keefe D when discussing the news of Keefe's arrest. [Jump to 56 minutes.]

“Wait, where do I know that name from? That name sounds familiar,” Ma$e deadpanned.

Then co-host Bubba Dub dropped a Bad Boy and a signature Diddy bop.

Ma$e kept pretending he couldn't place Keefe's name, and everybody laughed.

We guess Diddy didn't buy Ma$e's loyalty when he finally gave him his publishing.

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