Lupe Fiasco Sunk His Own Albums To Punish His Label

By HHL Editors

Lupe Fiasco's issues with Atlantic Records are long and well documented.

While it was believed 2015's Tetsuo & Youth was Lupe's last album with the label, he was actually still under contract when he dropped DROGAS Light earlier this year.

The project was a commercial flop (14K first week), and Lupe was surprisingly hard on the effort when he put on his journalism hat and reviewed his own album.

During a recent show in Seattle, Lupe admitted he didn't give it his all on DROGAS Light -- and a few other of his albums.

"DROGAS Light was a compilation of old ass songs we just had laying around," Lupe revealed.

"Around [the 2011 album] Lasers, I knew there was going to be some bullshit," he continued.  "So, I was like, you know what? I will never, ever, ever, as long as I'm on this label, give this label my heart. What I truly believe and what I really feel. Cause I feel like when you work for somebody, they have to show you some love back; show that they deserve your worth. So, since Lasers, I've never really put my all into a project because I feel like Atlantic doesn't deserve it. So I took an L."
This means that not only did Lupe half-ass DROGAS Light, but he gave less than his best on Lasers, Food & Liquor 2 and Tetsuo & Youth.

What do you think of Lupe's admission? And if you bought one of those albums, do you want your money back?

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