Lupe Fiasco Shares The 'Drogas Light' Track Listing

By Sermon

On Lupe Fiasco's road to retirement stands three albums: Drogas, Drogas Light and Skulls. His plan is still to drop all of them before 2016 ends, which is cutting it close since it's already five months into the year and we haven't gotten any of the three. But he just jumped on Twitter and announced Drogas Light is finished, give or take a few songs.

The one song that stands out is "Crack." He premiered it live back in 2014 and never released the audio. At the time, it featured Chris Brown, but it's not clear if this version will have him. Maybe Lupe is doing all three albums without guest features.

Drogas Light is the second album on the schedule, and since it's nearing completion that implies Drogas is already done, and we could be hearing it shortly.

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