Lupe Fiasco Responds To Lord Jamar Saying He Was Buggin About Kendrick

By Daryl Nelson

A few weeks ago, Lupe Fiasco said Kendrick Lamar isn't a top-tier lyricist, and that his stories are good but his verses lack solid punchlines. Vlad TV's go-to commentator Lord Jamar said that Lupe was "buggin" with his opinion.

The "Kick Push" rapper shoot back but in a respectful way.

"To my beloved brother Lord Jamar, I appreciate your POV," he wrote in a now deleted Instagram message. "No one man holds the standard or declares a lyricist. And seeing that I look at you as an OG, and I respect my OG’s even when they put me check, I honor what you say. No hate."

Lupe then wrote a rhyme for Jamar to further explain why he feels K Dot isn't among the best. But bear yourself because it's crazy long.

"Sometimes people confuse lyrics with spirit and then spirit with truth / The sum of these times is exemplified in that we comfortably conflate spittin writtens with coming off the roof / That’s a blowjob bar mixed with a subtle suicide reference, because we let the subtle slide to entertain the youthful side we inadvertently might have euthanized intelligence / Not on every scale but very well, because we embraced mediocrity over honesty but if popularity means coming out of poverty then obviously we’ll feed the fairy tale to every cell in Attica, send em to Africa / Through the bars, that’s a Nas quote on the shore waiting on Nas boat / Garvey was a terrible businessman could never be the reason that impeded the Black Star’s float, right? / We run on myths, I was raised in an era where you had to Black out and dumb on shit / Nowadays if you can just jump when it come on then it’s all good to just jump on dicks / I’m talking smack tapes and the wake up show, Big L saying his moms and pops ain’t even met yet and Kay slay freestyles we stayed late up fo / I apologize for my opinions if it hurt niggas feelings / I ain’t crying for attention or trying to subvert a niggas dealings / Vlad know I don’t do interviews because the press is a double edged sword / That for 5 years interviewers only cared about what I said about Obama like I drove a nail into the ankles of the Lord / I wanted to talk about rapping, they were more interested in alleged Chief Keef slappings /  Early in my career Vibe tried to ether me, misquote and extinguish me, I can’t even go into what happened at BET / But I let it all go, my cloth cut from a different piece of fabric / When you been a samurai since 3 years old you look differently at status / And when it comes to being corrected, I’ve been the wrongest nigga in the room who’s been agreed with so many times / I can’t tell the difference between being rejected and being accepted /Also Rakim had punches."

What do you think about Lupe's verse and his point that Kendrick isn't one of the best because he doesn't use enough punchlines?


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