Lupe Fiasco Remixes J. Cole's 'Everybody Dies' And Seems Jealous

By Daryl Nelson

Have you ever noticed that whenever fans praise a rapper's lyrics or deem him or her one of the greats, it seems to bother Lupe Fiasco?

For example, he seemed to be annoyed a couple of years ago when people were falling head over heels for Kendrick Lamar. If you recall, Lupe said a lot of rappers were better than K Dot, and he kind of downplayed all of the critical acclaim he was receiving.

This time around, the 'Kick Push' rapper appears to be bothered by the overall talk surrounding J. Cole's 4 Your Eyez Only album, so he remixed the song "Everybody Dies" and admitted that other rappers getting attention frustrates him.

"Too many best rappers, not enough best rhymes, though / Guess I'm delusional, used to doing it all the time so / Maybe I'm just jaded / Out to touch and unrelated / Unable to connect greatness based on the person who makes it / Or maybe I just hate it," spit Lupe.
Of course, it's possible the Chicago rhymer is merely engaging in friendly competition, and he doesn't have anything personal against Cole.  But if you think about it, why haven't people like Cole, Kendrick, Chance The Rapper and other like-minded MCs openly embraced Lupe?

Better yet, why hasn't Mr. Fiasco rolled out the welcome mat for those particular rappers or worked on a bunch of songs with them? Again, it seems like Lupe doesn't like other conscious rappers getting props, and he wants to always be considered No. 1 in that area of Hip-Hop.

You can check out his new N.E.R.D. song below.



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