Sounds Like Juelz Santana Is Dissing Cam'ron On 'Free Santana' Track 'In My Life'


Juelz Santana is in the midst of a 27-month federal sentence for trying to sneak a gun and drugs on a plane.

He'll be out in February of 2021 if you go by federal sentencing guidelines and by this summer if you go by his wife.

For now, he was able to drop the mixtape Free Santana.  On the Foreigner sampling track "In My Life", it sure sounds like he's going off on his Dipset bro Cam'ron.

"Ni*gas talk slick out they own mouth/But they ain't feeding sh*t by they own mouth/I was the loyalist n*gga you ever met/Now I was I was a n*gga you never met/This was supposed to be a forever thing/Now it's just a whatever thing as long as the cheddars clean/I repped us over everything/Never thought these were the times I would have to consider separating," Juelz raps.

"You ain't building sh*t by yourself n*gga/you just forgot that we all need help n*gga."

What do you think happened between Juelz and Cam?



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