It Looks Like Future Did Sue Desiigner Over Panda

By HHL Editors

When Desiigner's breakout smash hit Panda started breaking out, there were all sorts of jokes about Future suing the upstart for jacking his sound.

Apparently, that's what happened.

In an interview with, Menace, who produced 'Panda', said he's been slow to be paid for his beat because Future hit them with a copyright infringement claim.

“There was a situation with Future putting [an infringement] claim in because apparently, he said that ‘Panda’ sounded like ‘Fuck Up Some Commas.’ So we were just about to see the checks but there’s been a lot of delays so we won’t see anything until next year anyway,” he reveals. “Not only [Future], Mike Dean, Kanye West’s producer, he put a claim in as well saying that he did something to the beat and he never did. I don’t think we’ll see a check until probably next year. Right now, it’s just going through negotiations. The problem is that once someone puts a claim in, it just stops everything.”
Menace went on to add this little tidbit about Kanye as G.O.O.D Music boss.

“I doubt Kanye’s paid anyone, to be honest,” he says. “Kanye’s a funny one when it comes to paying people money.”
What do you think about Future siccing lawyers on Desiigner, and 'Ye's Birdman turn?

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