It's Looking Like The FBI Might Seize The Wu Tang Album From Martin Shkreli

By HHL Editors

After the FBI arrested  Martin Shkreli for seven counts of security fraud, they went out of their way to inform the public that they hadn't seized the Wu Tang album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin', which Shkreli had bought at auction for $2 million.

However, that's just for now.

If the prosecutor's office can determine that the pharma-douche used any of the $65 million he is accused of stealing to purchase the album they can order it seized immediately.

Furthermore, if Shkreli is convicted, the album can be seized even if there is no connection between it and the stolen money. In fact, it would likely be taken from him under that scenario, as US Marshals tend to go for expensive assets that can be auctioned off when collecting judgements. (You can ask Lil Wayne about that.)

So there's a good chance the Feds will soon own the only copy of a Wu Tang album. We can't imagine this is how RZA drew it up.

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