Lizzo Hit With Second Sexual Harrasement Lawsuit


Earlier this summer, Lizzo was sued for sexually harassing and weight-shaming three background dancers.

It was a very surprising suit, given the body positivity Lizzo portrays.

There's more where that came from.

Asha Daniels, who designed the wardrobes for Lizzo's 2023 tour, is suing the singer for a "sexualized, racially charged, and illegal work environment."

According to the suit, Lizzo's team made “racist and fatphobic comments mocking Black women" and forced her to work when injured.

Daniels said she looked forward to working with Lizzo "because of the values Lizzo portrays in public, i.e., a healthy, diverse environment with virtues of respect and empowerment of women.”

“Unfortunately, the opposite turned out to be true,” the lawsuit states, citing “experiences of degradation, forced physical labor, denial of medical care, sexual harassment, and racial harassment"

Daniels says she now suffers from PTSD.  No comment yet from Lizzo's team.

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