Police Escort? Listen To The Police Scanner During Teka$hi 69's Trip To Chicago's O Block


TekaShi 69 is currently beefing with all the drill kids in Chicago.

The troll rapper took the feud off of the Internet and into real life when he posted up on Chiraq's notorious O-Block and challenged the city to come at him

Nobody did, and rappers like Lil Reese suggested that the reason 69 got away with his stunt is because"Officer Hernandez" came to Chicago with a police escort.

We have the police scanner tapes from 69's visit to Chicago. Listening to them, it doesn't seem like the cops were working with 69. However, they were very aware that he was on O-Block and were ready to intervene if anything went south.

The best part of the video is the description of 69.

"A gray beanie, red hoodie, blue jeans, rainbow hair and rainbow teeth. About 5'7, 5'9. Fair skinned with a lot of tattoos on his face. He actually looks pretty ridiculous so if you see him you'll know it's him. A human Skittle."

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