Listen To Alleged YSL Shooter's BM Try to Convice Him To Snitch On Young Thug


At least four YSLs have taken plea deals in Fulton County's sprawling RICO case against Young Thug's crew and have walked out of jail with time served

Whether or not Gunna on the other plea bargainers snitched to get their deals is an open question.

As you can see from the video below, the pressure to talk doesn't just come from prosecutors. 

Listen to the BM of the alleged YSL shooter try to convince her man to roll on Thugger so he can come home and take of his son.

"You gotta cooperate and do what you need to do because you have son," the BMs says.  "You got to think about you.  Because nobody else give a f*ck about you but you."

Do you think Thug can get out of this without a long prison sentence?

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