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Lindsay Lohan is Trying to Get In Touch With Kendrick Lamar


Lindsay Lohan used to be really famous and now she's kinda of famous and looks really old for her age, which is 31.

For reasons only known to Lindsay Lohan she jumped on Twitter yesterday and requested Kendrick Lamar DM her.

Kendrick and LiLo do have a history: He shouted her out in his star-making verse on the 2013 Big Sean track "Control."

Mollies probably turn these niggas to fuckin' Lindsay Lohan
A bunch of rich-ass white girls lookin' for parties

Maybe Lindsay just wanted to relive those glorious days of 2013 when she was still famous enough to get name-checked in rap tracks and didn't look so old.

But if she wanted to get K.Dot's attention she might have been better off going the route of her child-star turned-train-wreck contemporary Amanda Bynes, who famously used Twitter to demand Drake "murder her vagina."

Or maybe not.