Lil Yachty Says Don't Call Him a Mumble Rapper & Explains Why He Isn't

By Daryl Nelson

About a week ago, Lil Yachty said he could spit better than 75 percent of the new generation rappers. Now he has another opinion about his music.

According to the 20-year-old, he shouldn't be put in the mumble rap category because unlike his peers, he has a voice in Hip Hop and uses it.  

"Because I'm the one who speaks up," said Yachty about why he should be put in a different category. "I've been going to all these interviews, and I'm the one taking all the flack for everything, because I be speaking, I be talking. Nobody else say shit because nobody else give a fuck."

Yatchy also said the term "mumble rapper" doesn't bother him, he just thinks it doesn't apply.

"I be talking with grillz sometimes, so it may sound sometimes like I mumble when I speak," he explained. "And my voice is different ... A lot of niggas think I be high. I ain't smoke weed in like six, seven years ... And I never been drunk."

What's your take on what Yachty said?

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