Lil Yachty Addresses Charlamagne's "Poster Child Of Wack Rappers" Comment To His Face


 About a year ago, Lil Yachty appeared on The Breakfast Club  to promote his debut album Teenage Emotions. During the chat, Charlamagne called him "the poster child of wack rappers" and likened him to Trinidad James.

Yachty has another album to promote -- Lil Boat 2 -- so he stopped by The Breakfast Club again this morning.

After saying that he's one of the only new generation rappers who will even do Breakfast Club, Yachty started airing grievances about the whole wack rapper thing.

"That blew me, bruh," Yachty said about CTG's wack rappers comment. "You know people bring that up all the time?

GTG then explained that he wasn't saying Boat was wack, rather that he had (unfairly) become the go-to name when old-head types speak on what's wrong with the youngsters.

A disappointed and downbeat-seeming Yachty also brought up Charlamagne and Joe Budden's This Year Is Dope/Trash video, in which Budden put Teenage Emotions on the trash list.

CTG played the clip and it actually showed him somewhat defending Boat by saying he's not making music for people like him and Budden.

Even though Yachty admitted that he hadn't seen that part of the segment he didn't seem to think it exonerated CTG from hater status.

"If I see one snake, I see two," he explained.

Check out the exchange below:


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