Lil Xan Gets Run Up On After Talking Slimy About Killy


You may not know this, but Soundcloud rappers Lil Xan and Killy have been beefing for a bit.

It all started last year when Killy called Xan a "waste yute" because there were similarities in videos they each dropped.

Xan was as baffled by the insult as the rest of us, and responded this way in January during an appearance on No Jumper.

"Fuck, what’s that rapper’s name? Killy. Killy, you a bitch," he said. "Calling me, like, a 'waste yute.' I don’t even speak that language bro."

It turns out a waste yute (meaning useless person) is a popular insult in the Toronto area, which is where Killy is from.

In response to Xan's response, Killy declared that Xan is banned from Canada.  He tried to enforce that ban this weekend when Xan and company popped up in Montreal. 

Killy confronts Xan with a  "Do you remember me, bro?" But then a security guard gets involved, and the resulting non-fight is what one might expect when two small Soundcloud rappers square off in Canada.  


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