Lil Wayne's Role On 'Undisputed' Revealed


Lil Wayne is entering the hot take game.

He will join his good buddy Skip Bayless for at least one segment every Friday on Skip's FS1 Show Undisputed.

Skip Bayless has been searching for co-hosts since Shannon Sharpe left the show.

Wayne won't be anything like a full-time replacement, but at least he will fill some of the void. 

“Wayne has agreed, every Friday going forward, to do a segment with me live,” Bayless announced. “He might not always be in the studio depending on his schedule, but he will join me every Friday for a segment. I don’t know, 12, 15 minutes. If he’s hot, if he’s rolling, maybe we’ll keep him a couple segments if he has the time. That, you can look forward to.”

“He is so deep when it comes to sports,” Bayless said of Wayne. “He doesn’t yell or scream, but he does get emotional, and you hang on his every word because trust me, he has thought through every single word. I like to say I see things and say things that others don’t, Wayne is my match.”

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