Lil Wayne's Music May Actually Make You Dumb

By HHL Editors

The folks at the website Musicthatmakesyoudumb decided to do a little experiment. They would use Facebook to figure out the ten most frequent "favorite music" mentions at each college and then rank the group or musician based on the average SAT scores at the schools that liked them.

Overall, there were 133 groups ranked. Beethoven correlated with the highest SAT score and Lil Wayne the lowest. The lowest by quite a bit, in fact, suggesting that listening to Weezy may actually make you stupid.

Generally speaking, the rap genre didn't do very well. However, NAS, Eminem and college dropout Kanye West did all correlate with fairly decent SAT scores.

Although this study has been making the Internet rounds today, it's important to note that the data is from five years ago. So it's possible Lil' Wayne's music has gotten "smarter" since then. (We actually find the Young Money Kingpin's lyrics to be fairly clever.)

Since the study is old, we also can't do things like judge the Tyga vs. Drake battle based on the SAT smarts of their fans.

The entire chart is below. Or you can go here to see the bands ranked in list form.

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