Lil Wayne Sued For Decking Personal Assistant During Private Jet Spat


Andrew Williams used to be Lil Wayne's personal assistant.

He's not anymore after a private jet trip gone bad.  Instead, he'll be Wayne's opponent in court.

Williams is suing Weezy for punching him in the jaw during an argument on a private jet.

On June 10, Wayne and his entourage entered the plane and Tunechi began arguing with the pilot.

Williams tried to separate Wayne and the pilot and Wayne punched him in the face for his peacemaking.

“The combination of a closed fist and the numerous rings and large jewelry on the hands of [Wayne] caused great harm to [Williams]," reads the lawsuit Williams has filed against Wayne, Young Money and Signature Flight Support.

After getting hit, Williams left the plane and got medical attention at a local urgent care.  He hasn't worked for Wayne since, and the only communication he's had with the rap legend is when Wayne's team demanded he returns his Bluetooth and company backpack.

He's suing for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, wrongful termination, and negligence.

Wayne, who has a bad history with private jets, hasn't commented on the lawsuit.

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