Lil Wayne Clarifies Joining Jay Z At Roc Nation [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Lil Wayne has been saying he's Roc Nation for a minute now.

But what does that mean, when Jay Z's shop is both a record label and an artist management company?

During a new interview with Skip Bayless, Wayne clarified that whatever his relationship with Hov is, he is still signed to Birdman and Cash Money.

"Jay is just a good guy. It was nothing but a simple thing, friend-to-friend 'I just want to help you in any way I can'," Wayne said about his relationship with Roc. "And right now [Jay] is just going to help me. He's going to help me anyway he can."
Bayless then asked if Wayne has been able to get out from Baby and CM.

"No, we haven't done that. We still working on that. That's a situation. Jay just a good guy. He just wants to help. He's gonna be helping me."
Jump to 13:30 to hear Wayne discuss Hov and Baby.

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