Lil Wayne Chooses Between Nicki Minaj & Rihanna


Lil Wayne just answered some fan questions in a video promoting Bumbo Rum.

One of the first he got was a Nicki Minaj vs. Rihanna, who would you rather.

"Nicki. We would go into the studio and make beautiful music and then go into somewhere else and make beautiful something else," Wayne said without hesitation.

While it's no big surprise that Weezy would ride with (or give a ride to) his Young Money artist, his answer didn't necessarily square with the next question he got: Real vs. fake asses.

"That one's another easy one. Real asses I'm sorry," he said.

Given that Nicki's new guy likes to kill people, it's probably best Wayne stays away from Nicki and her plastic bottom for a while. 

Later in the discussion, Wayne weighs in on Kobe vs. MJ and more. Check it all out.



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