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Lil Wayne Announces New Tour With A Twist


Lil Wayne announced today that he'll soon be going on the Tidal sponsored I Ain't Shit Without You tour. 

"I'm stoked to announce my motherfucking I Ain't Shit Without You tour. It's going to be a real intimate setting. Some different shit ... you might get to hear some shit you've never heard. Some shit some people will never hear," Wayne said.

He also revealed fans can vote on which cities he should come to on the tour. (You can do that here.) The dates will be announced on December 1oth.

In addition to his I Ain't Shit Without You Tour, Wayne has hinted he might soon be going on the road with Drake for another joint tour.

So it's shaping up to be a busy 2019 for Wayne, who's finally free of Birdman.

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