Lil Herb's Gary, Indiana Show Ends In All Out Brawl

By HHL Editors

Lil Herb rolled down from Chicago to Gary, Indiana Saturday night to play at Hustle & Joe's nightclub.

During his track 'Rolling,' his entourage started pouring liquor into the crowd. So this happened:

Shoota Montana, who made the video, spoke to Vlad TV about the melee that involved a chunk of the 300 to 400 people in attendance.

"The only reason why it happened, why the fight popped off was because one of Lil Herb's friends [started] throwing liquor on people," Montana said. "It wasn't cool. We were partying with them and one of his friends did that, another friend who was on stage with him swung at someone else [in the crowd] and that's when the fighting popped off."
As for the guy in the blue flannel who was put to sleep? He was hit by a bottle, and he eventually woke up. So far there have been no arrests.

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