Lil Durk's Dad Dontay Banks Speaks On Why He Didn't Snitch On Larry Hoover


Lil Durk's dad Dontay Banks was arrested in 1994 with $8 million on him.

He was charged with distributing crack cocaine and eventually got two life sentences.  He was able to get out in 2019.

According to Big Durk, he had the opportunity to rat out Gangster Disciples boss and Chicago kingpin Larry Hoover for a reduced sentence but turned it down.

He explained why:

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"They said you give us Larry Hoover, we'll get you back, and you'll work for us.  I went into my pocket pulled out my card to my lawyer, set it on the table and said call my lawyer.  26 year's later, here I am a free man.  Without telling, without compromising, without being someone I'm not.  Rats, stool pigeons, people who tell on to get out.  This is the type of life we don't live.  I'm a Muslim first and foremost, no doubt about it.  We don't believe in telling.  We don't believe in rats. So when somebody tell you to tell on someone else to save your own neck.  You get in this thing, you hold your own weight.  You don't bring nobody else into this.  You don't tell on nobody else to save your own skin.  If that's not your lifestyle, that's not what you're about, get on out of it," Big Durk explained.

Would you tell?

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