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Lil Debbie Says Lil Yachty & Playboi Carti Dismissed Her After She Said No To Sex

By Daryl Nelson

Lil Debbie chatted with her fans on IG Live recently and said Lil Yacthy and Playboi Carti tried to sleep with her. The West Coast rapper explained that she'd never get with Yachty, because he's way too young.

"Yeah, they are hella young girl," stated Debbie, who is 27. "I'm too old to be fucking Lil Yachty. I don't care how much money he has. I don't fuck 19 year olds. That's some pedophile shit. Shout out to the girls who will fuck 19 year olds." 

 Debbie also claimed that both rappers sent her direct messages at the beginning of their careers but then un-followed her once she ignored their sexual advances.  

"You know what's so funny, when Playboi Carti first came in the game and Lil Yachty, they both sent me screen shots of when they would slide in my DMs and I would ignore them, then I ignored that and then they un-followed me," she explained. "And one time I hit up Lil Yachty, like, 'Hey, I would love for you to  get on this song,' and he hella ignored me  because I wasn't sliding in his DMs to say 'Hey, I actually do want to fuck your 19-year-old ass. Cause I don't. I don't want to fuck Lil Yachty and I didn't want to fuck Playboi Carti, so they both un-followed me."

What do you think about Debbie's comments? Should Yachty and Carti respond?