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Lil' Boosie Insists Christmas Photo With Son Wasn't Photoshopped

By HHL Editors

Lil' Boosie has been the butt of Internet jokes since he posted on Instagram an odd looking Christmas photo with his son.

It looked to many like Boosie had photoshopped 4-year-old Michael Jordan into the shot and was trying to take credit for being a family man at the holidays when he was actually doing something less family-oriented.

Boosie pushed back hard against those allegations in an interview with TMZ, telling the website the photo was professionally done and that's why there is such a striking lighting contrast between its two subjects.

The Baton Rouge rapper, who is actually going by Boosie Badazz these days, stressed that he spent Christmas with all six of his kids.

The 32-year old was released from prison last March after serving almost five years on drug charges, so it's good to see he's catching up on the family time.

Me and My Lil G

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