Lil B Saved From A Fire By 15-Year Old

By HHL Editors

Lil B got a big scare early Thursday morning when his duplex in Contra Costa, Ca. was ravaged by flames.

He may have not made it out alive if 15-year old Mateo Ysmael -- whose family lives in the other half of the duplex -- hadn't alerted the sleeping emcee by knocking on his door.

"I’m grateful to be alive," Lil B exclaimed. "If that kid didn't come knocking on my door…"

According to Lil B (Brandon McCart) the fire claimed "many of his costumes and some of his music," but he told the Contra Costa Times that he was able to save some of his possessions. The duplex sustained $350,000 in damages and will likely have to be rebuilt.

After the fire, Lil B took to Twitter to express his gratitude and to solicit donations to help with the rebuilding of his home and life.

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