Lil B May Have Lost Control Of His Based God Curse

By HHL Editors

When Lil B feels slighted by an NBA player, he turns to his Based God curses.

He put one on Kevin Durant, and KD remains title-less and increasingly injury prone. He put it on James Harden, and the Rockets combo guard promptly fell apart in the Western Conference Finals.

That was to the benefit of B's hometown Golden State Warriors.

But we now have evidence that Based God curses infect ballers who diss B even when B doesn't authorize them. In 2011, Golden State Warrior and rap fan Marreese Speights tweeted this:

Speights tweet


Then, in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, this happened:

Not only is missing such an easy dunk embarrassing, but Golden State went on to lose the game by two points. Speights, a valuable bench piece during the regular season, hasn't scored since.

Somebody needs to control their curses.

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