Lil B Drops The Based God Curse On D'Angelo Russell

By HHL Editors

cursedCurses are silly and dumb.

That being said, it's been a good NBA post season for the curses of the Based God.

First James Harden -- who Lil B cursed last post-season -- had another rotten playoffs.

Then Kevin Durant -- who B cursed years ago -- was teased with the NBA Finals, only to have them unceremoniously pulled away by Steph Curry and crew.

In an interview with ESPN's SportsNation, Lil B declared the curse remains on both All Stars.

In fact, he says the Based God wrath will transfer to any team Durant signs with as a free agent.

He also declared a new curse on Lakers snitch D'Angelo Russell.

Given how Russell and the Lakers played in 2015-2016 without a curse, we can only imagine ...

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