Lil B Apologizes For Blasting The Weeknd

By HHL Editors

Lil B tends to be pretty relentless in his beefs.

Just ask poor, cursed Kevin Durant.

In November, B went on a seemingly unprovoked attack against The Weeknd with his track rack '4 Tha Record.'

"Call me Lil Bars with the XO Bars / Saying fuck The Weeknd, I can’t sing that soft," and "A lot of suckas fake, so I can’t respect it / Fuck The Weeknd, put that on record," were among the bars B pointed at the Canadian sensation in the track.

Not long after he released '4 Tha Record', Lil B regretted it. He explained his thought process to Ily Mag, and apologized to The Weeknd.

I want to give a shout out to The Weeknd. I want to apologize and take back saying, "Fuck The Weeknd." I said it for no reason and thought about why back when I said it. It’s because he un-followed me on Twitter and I felt weird about that, and I thought back to that moment and said, “Why’d I do that?” That’s not right. The Weeknd is a good guy—I talked to him before everything really blew up, and he told me how he felt. I definitely want to apologize about what I said about The Weeknd, and I want him to know that. I’m not scared to admit if I’m wrong, after I analyze it. If I feel that I’m wrong or there’s somebody that I love and trust that says that I’m wrong, I can accept that and bring that to a discussion. I’m not afraid to learn.
So it looks like Durant is going to have keep feeling the brunt of that Based God curse.

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