'Let Me Drake That For You' Is The Most Emo Search Engine Around

By HHL Editors

Sick of Google and its lack of Drake-focus? Well, we have a search engine for you.

It's called "Let Me Drake That For You' and it works like a traditional search engines, only that all of the responses it turns up have to do with Canada's 6 God.

You can check it out here, and we advise searching topics like "Tyga" "Degrassi High" and "crying."  But even random words and terms like "Soviet Union" will work.

This is the second life-improving Drake "app" in the past several weeks, following the Drizzy Keyboard which lets you spit game like Drake. 

The search engine does take a bit longer  to cull the results than what you are used to. But in the moments you wait you are treated to Drake music so it's all good.

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