Lebron's Mom's Rapper Ex Husband Is Using Kyrie Irving To Troll James

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Struggle rapper Da Real Lambo used to be Leborn James's step dad, on account of being married to Leborn's mom. (Which is usually how that works.)

He broke up with her recently, and he's made it known that Lebron was a big part of the reason things didn't work out.

Now Lambo is using James's "break up" with Kyrie Irving to troll Lebron:

#DaRealLambo vs. his step son #LebronJames (swipe for more)

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"Kyrie Irving I don't even blame. I promise, that's the best move you could have made in your career ... You think it's a coincidence that Kyrie Irivng want to get from around Lebron James. You think it's a coincidence that Lambo got the fuck from around Lebron James," Lambo says.
In a social media message last week, Lambo explained his general issues with Lebron.


Has Kyrie made it open season on Lebron?

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