Lebron James's Stepdad Accuses Jay Z Of Being 'Biggest Hater Of Them All'

By HHL Editors

After leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a stunning NBA Finals comeback, Lebron James admitted that he was motivated by criticism from a Miami Heat executive whom he wouldn't name.

It was pretty clear he was speaking about Heat team president Pat Riley, who apparently told James he was making "the biggest mistake of his career" when he left Miami.

But did James also have motivation from another hating mogul that we all believed he was close to?

His stepdad, rapper Da Real Lambo, seems to think that could be the case.

Oops! #LebronJames stepfather didn't hold back

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"I really just feel like [Jay Z] came to see if LeBron James was gon lose, at his house, to a red pretty boy ass nigga named Stephen Curry,” Lambo says about Jay and Beyonce being at Game 6 in Cleveland. "Jay Z is one of the biggest haters of them all," he continued. "Ain't none of yall niggas bigger than LeBron."

Lambo's feelings seem to be in conflict with Jay Z and Lebron's public behavior.

Hov offered up this rare Tweet congratulating King James after the Cavs took the title.

And James has said he listened to Jay Z's 'A Star Is Born' to get himself motivated for Game 7.

But could it be that Hov is a secret hater?  (There has been chatter that Lebron once tried to steal Beyonce from Jay.)

Or does Lebron's mama need to give her man a talking to?

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