LeBron James On How He Didn't Always Like White People


On Lebron James's HBO show The Shop, James and his lifelong friend (and now manager) Maverick Carter discussed how white people were an acquired taste for the GOAT.

When James was 14, he went to the mostly white St. Vincent-St. Mary Catholic high school in Arkon to play basketball. He was skeptical of his new classmates.

"I went to an all-white high school, Catholic high school. So, when I first went to the ninth grade in high school, I was like, 'I ain't fucking with no white people.'

I was so institutionalized growing up in the hood, it's like, they don't fuck with us, they don't want us to succeed ... I'm going to school to play ball, and that's it. I don't want nothing to do with white people. It's me and my boys, we're going to high school together and we're here to hoop."

Lebron went on to say it took him a little while to adjust to his new situation. 

But once James did acclimate himself, Carter reported that Lebron became such good friends with his white classmates that he would bring them into the hood to party and vice-versa

Lebron confirmed this and then explained that one of the first new things he learned from white people was what a pantry is.

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