Lawyer: Lil Wayne Bus Shooter Innocent Because Young Thug Is Drew Brees

By HHL Editors

Jimmy Winfrey has been charged with shooting up Lil Wayne's tour bus during a stop in Atlanta in April.

The indictment against him also mentions Birdman and Young Thug. Winfrey has had working relationships with both, and at the time of the shooting Baby and Thugger were beefing with Wayne.

Winfrey's lawyer has conceded that his client is an associate of Young Thug. But he argues that's not a reason to suspect him of the shooting, saying that just because two rappers are rivals it doesn't mean they have to shoot each other. Then he went to the NFL for an analogy:

"Clearly, the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons are rivals because they are fighting every year to win the same division: the NFC South," the lawyer told TMZ. "Yet, this does not provide a motive for Drew Brees to kill or maim Matt Ryan."
Wait a minute. Since Thug is from Atlanta and Wayne from New Orleans, wouldn't Thugger be Ryan and Weezy Brees?

Winfrey better hope his lawyer is better in the court room than he is with analogies.

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