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LaVar Ball Responds To All The Z02 Hate; Gets Accused Of Shoe Plagiarism

By HHL Editors

The backlash against Lonzo Ball's $495 signature ZO2 shoe continues.

Twitter spent all day yesterday clowning on LaVar Ball's pricey creation, and now we have our first charge of shoe plagiarism.

And it's not even from Kobe Bryant.

Instead, Ohio State Wide Receiver coach Zach Smith is accusing Ball's Big Baller Brand of ripping off a logo Smith developed with his team.

But the biggest objections to to Z02's remains their cost.

The basketball dad responded to that with harsh words for anyone who found the $495 (or $220 for slip) price prohibitive.

Needless to say, that didn't make things better. Wale spoke for a lot folks with this response to LaVar's tweet.

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