LaVar Ball Lays Out Price Points For Big Baller Brand Shoes

By HHL Editors

LaVar Ball is still trying to shake up the shoe game.

The big mouthed basketball dad has been demanding that any shoe company who signs his son Lonzo agrees to license the family’s Big Baller Brand, rather than do a traditional deal.

That tactic got him nowhere with Nike, Adidas or Under Armour.

Plan B is to find a Chinese-based company to work with Big Baller. Yahoo! reports that if Ball is able to get overseas help, Big Baller has a signature sneaker ready.

So far, Big Baller Brand has primarily sold screen-printed T-shirts, sweatshirts and embroidered hats on its web store, with prices ranging from $50-$100 per piece. The brand is targeting the $200 tier for its debut Big Baller Brand basketball sneaker, an industry source told The Vertical, which would presumably be Lonzo’s signature shoe for his rookie season. LaVar and associate Alan Foster reportedly have been developing the shoe over the past year.
So far we haven't seen any prototypes for the shoe.

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