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Lauryn Hill Explains Why She Was Three Hours Late To Pittsburgh Show

By Daryl Nelson

On Wednesday (Feb. 2), we shared some angry tweets from Lauryn Hill's fans after she showed up three hours late to a concert in Pittsburgh.

It wasn't the first time the singer has kept fans waiting, and at this point she's becoming known for it.

Yesterday on Twitter, Ms. Hill explained why she arrived so late, and it had to do with some of her band mates being stuck at the airport.

She also said the promoter notified people of the new start time, but a lot of folks who were already at the venue didn't know about it.

Lauryn said if she could do it again she would have cancelled the show altogether and rescheduled it. On top of that, she plans to do another show in Pittsburgh to make up for her late arrival.

What did the singer's fans think about her apology? You can see below.

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