Woman In Odell Beckham Jr. Cocaine Video Speaks


The woman who recorded a video that features Odell Beckham Jr., pizza, what looks to be a blunt, and what looks to be cocaine has spoken out about the clip.

Laura Cuenca, an aspiring French model, said she met the Giants receiver at Le Queen nightclub in Paris, France and uploaded the video on Snapchat at about 6 AM Thursday morning. She claimed she didn't know Beckham was famous when she published the clip.

When contacted by the New York Daily News, she denied Beckham took drugs.

“No. He did not take any drugs!” an adamant Cuenca wrote in her native French during a private exchange on Instagram.

When asked about what appeared to be a blunt in Beckham's hand, Cuenca claimed it was a slice of pizza. She would neither confirm nor deny the white substance she was seen pushing around with a credit card was cocaine.  

Cuenca told the Daily News that she has spoken to someone in the Giants organization about the video, but wouldn't detail the conversation. 

The NFL could suspend Beckham over the video. So Cuenca denying OBJ took drugs should be music to Giants fans' ears.