The Last Bugatti Veyron Is Called 'La Finale'

By Quinn L.V. McDonald

After Volkswagen resurrected the early 20th Century French Bugatti Veyron nameplate in 2005, the all wheel drive beast made its way into the hearts of many. But with its exuberant price tag of just over a million dollars, only lucky Hip Hop moguls, oil tycoons and tech geniuses were able cop one one of the first 449 of the super car. Now with the limited run ended, we learn of the last Bugatti Veyron, aptly named "La Finale".

This 450th Bugatti, which has already been sold to a Middle Eastern buyer, is more special than the others. Most noticeable, the colors are reversed from the first Veyrons. Instead of black down the middle with red on the edges, this edition flips it so red runs down the middle and black covers the edges. Based on the extra powerful Bugatti Veyron Vitesse, the super car also has a whomping 1,184 hp W16 engine .  Check out more photos of this one-off version of the Bugatti Veryron below, and let us know what you think.

The Bugatti Veyron "La Finale" The Bugatti Veyron "La Finale" The Bugatti Veyron "La Finale" The Bugatti Veyron "La Finale" The Bugatti Veyron "La Finale"


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