Check Out The most Hated NBA Players

By Daryl Nelson

A poll by Morning Consult shows The Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving and the Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons are the least liked NBA players.

Irving is currently unable to play because he doesn't want to get the COVID-19 vaccine. But if you recall, he's expressed a lack of desire to play for at least the last couple of seasons. 

As for Simmons, he's been Philly's arch-enemy ever since the Sixers lost in the second round of the playoffs last season, and he played horribly.

"Guard-forward Ben Simmons… tied with Nets guard Kyrie Irving for last in net favorability (13) and had the second-highest share of unfavorable responses with 19 percent," reads the report. "Irving tied with Simmons for last in net favorability and had the highest share of unfavorable responses with 24 percent. That’s double the 12 percent who had a negative opinion of him in Morning Consult’s 2018 “Most Loved Entertainers” report."

Lebron James had the third most disliked player, with 18 percent responding unfavorably to him.

Do these results surprise you or confirm what you've already thought?

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