Kurupt Says Donald Sterling Is A 'Great Guy' Who Got A Raw Deal

By HHL Editors

Last April was all about the Donald Sterling scandal, which ultimately resulted in Sterling being forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. Former Dogg Pound member Kurupt played a bit part in the controversy when he was photographed entering Sterling's mistress's V. Stiviano home right after the story broke.

In a new interview with DJ Vlad, Kurupt explained that he had gone to Stiviano's house because she was an old friend and he wanted to check on her and see how she was doing under the harsh glare of media attention.

Then he passionately defended Sterling, who Kurupt thinks got a raw deal.

Mr. Sterling, I don't have a problem with this guy, he's a great guy... He's a good man, they took a good man down... Who did he harm? What's the crime?
When Vlad pointed out that Sterling was a racist -- among other things he didn't want his mistress to post any social media photos with black guys -- Kurupt agreed. But he attributed it to Sterling's old age, and argued that Sterling had other good qualities that were more important than his ingrained, generational racism.

"They didn't believe an elephant was heavy. They had to see it," was Kurupt's funny way of dismissing those who "suddenly" realized the 80-year old Sterling had some antiquated views on race.

Listen to Kurupt's interesting take on the whole situation below. But before you feel too sorry for Sterling, remember he ended up getting $2 billion for a franchise he only paid $12 million for. 

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