KRS-One & MC Shan Are Going Back At It After 30 Years

By HHL Editors

KRS-One and MC Shan will always be associated with each other through the Bridge Wars of the mid-80's, in which rappers from Queens and The Bronx battled over the origins of Hip Hop.

Last week, Shan dismissed the significance of KRS-One's seminal 1987 diss track 'The Bridge Is Over,' which some say damaged Shan's career.

“Me and [KRS-One] have never battled, ever,” Shan said on the Murder Music Show. “Any Hip Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doing what they do...Because I just went off on him a couple of months ago...I'm tired of you saying how you took me out and you ain't never did shit!”
KRS didn't appreciate being called out, and demanded an apology. Shan did nothing of the sort, and instead came back on the Murder Music Show and dropped a new three minute cappella freestyle pointed at KRS-One.

KRS wasted little time in striking back with 'Still Huggin A Nut (S.H.A.N.)':

So is old beef better beef?

Here's a video of the two chopping it up in better times.

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