Krayzie Bone Says LeBron Is Better Than Jordan To The Tune Of 'Crossroads'

By HHL Editors

Cleveland's own Krayzie Bone can't be expected to be impartial in the Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan debate that's been gaining steam over the past week.

But he can deliver his preference for King James in his own unique way. At the request of Fox Sports, the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member told viewers why LeBron is superior to the tune of his group's mega-hit 'Crossroads.'

"MJ, I love you, but to me, your stats and your records are gonna be gone, gone, gone, gone," Krayzie sung. "Whatcha you gonna do when King James comes for you?"

Krayzie later called Lebron "MJ on steroids." (And then clarified that he doesn't mean James is actually taking steroids.)

Sure, one can question Krayzie's basketball bona fides. But his point is similar to the one Pistons great Bill Laimbeer, who played against Jordan, just made. The former Bad Boy told Dan Patrick that he didn't think Jordan could have led this year's injury-riddled Cavs team to the Finals, like James had. He also stated:

He [LeBron] can do more. Michael Jordan could score and make big shots and look spectacular at times with wild flying dunks, but LeBron can get you 18 rebounds, get you 15 assists, or score 50 if he wants to. The triple threat he poses is just phenomenal, and the size—he just physically dominates. It’s impressive.
Are you down with Krayzie and Laimbeer's reasoning?  Or is MJ still number one in your book?

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