Kodak Black's Not Happy Master P Tried To Charge Him For Mentorship

By HHL Editors

Back in February, Master P gave Kodak Black a big co-sign.

“I feel like Kodak Black is underrated, he’s probably going to be one of the next big superstars,” P said in an interview with The Breakfast Club.
He went on to say that he wants to mentor the troubled youngster.

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It turns out Master P's guidance comes with a price. In an Instagram Live session earlier this week, Kodak Black revealed that Master P tried to charge him for his advice. Which Kodak Black didn't much care for.

"I guess Master P [thought] I was a fool," Kodak said. "I still fuck with Master P. Know what I'm saying? But I ain't no motherfucking fool. Know what I'm saying? I'm ain't no motherfucking fool, period. Niggas still fuck with Master P, know what I'm saying? But I give my niggas game, whatever game I got, I give it to them for free. Ain't chargin' em. Know'm saying? I ain't gon' buy no game from no nigga. Because I'm one foot in, one foot out."

Hmmm. It sounds like Master P could use some cash.

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