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Kodak Black Makes Fun Of Lil Yachty's Singing Voice

By Daryl Nelson

Kodak Black likes to make fun of people by imitating how they rap or sing.

He first did it to Hurricane Chris, after the Louisiana spitter threatened him on Instagram, and now he's doing it to Lil Yachty.

It's not clear why Kodak dissed the Atlanta native, but he made fun of his voice and started to chuckle a bit.

The Florida rapper could've just been fooling around in the video and didn't mean any harm. But Lil Boat still may take offense.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Chris sent Kodak a new message and said he'd beat him up.

"Since this n---- like to talk, I'ma break his jaw / Leave the pussy talking crooked, should have shut his mouth  / Try me and I'm gonna wire your shit shut / Two piece to the mouth, knock a n---- out and wake him back up," he rapped.
You can see that video below and Kodak mocking Yachty above.



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