Kodak Black Facing Serious Time In Strip Club Assault

By HHL Editors

It was bad enough that Kodak Black violated his probation by taking an unauthorized trip to a Miami strip club.

During the visit, he also allegedly kicked and tried to punch a lady bartender when she asked him to get down from a bar he was standing on top of.

He was in court for those new charges today, and prosecutors want six years in prison for violating his house arrest (there were other instances beside the strip club trip) and another two for assaulting the bartender.

This is all addition to the 30 years he faces in South Carolina for sexually assaulting a fan in a hotel room.

During his hearings in Florida, which will resume tomorrow, his probation officer Sandra Friedman seemed sympathetic to all of Black's issues.

“At 19, I don’t think he has a mentality yet to be able to handle everything being thrown at him at once,” Friedman said. “I think he needs some people who are looking out for his interests. He needs to deal with his problems and he definitely needs anger management.”
What do you think? Does Kodak deserve more chances?

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