Kodak Black Alleges Conspiracy Theory In Antonio Brown Mid-Game Breakdown


Troubled ex-Buccaneer wide receiver Antonio Brown took off his uniform in the middle of yesterday's game against the Jets and then took a car into New York City, where he promoted his new rap single.

He was cut by the team after the game.

Kodak Black thinks there's more to the story.

Don’t B Kwik To Shun @AB84 Ain’t Nobody Finna Jus Do That Fa No Apparent Reason , Gotta B Some Shit We Don’t Know Bout & Clearly Fam Had Some Fines to pay & dem People Wasn’t Tryna Put em in da game so he can earn dem bonuses … of course a n*gga gone get frustrated,"

Brown is now saying he didn't want to play in the game in the first place because his ankle was injured but felt forced to by the team, which seems to contradict what Yak is saying.

What the hell is going on here?

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