Kobe Bryant Tossed Nick Young's Shoes In The Trash Instead Of Signing Them

By HHL Editors

Everybody wanted a piece of Kobe Bryant last night after he dropped 60 in the final game of his career.

But when his teammate Nick Young tried to get Kobe to sign his shoes after the game, Kobe became the savage (and Nike shill) we all love him for.

Young explained in press conference this morning:

Reporter: Were you allowed to have fun last night? I mean, you're real serious right now, you know ... but last night, was that a fun night for you? Young: Yeah, it was enjoyable. Nah, I think ... you know, I forgot about everything that was going on. I think the feeling was like we won a championship. They had the champagne bottles after. But yeah, it was great. The confetti, the five-minute intro he had, Kobe signing autographs -- We was all in line like we was fans, you know, in the locker room -- the fact that he threw my Adidas and didn't sign my Adidas, I was a little disappointed in that. But ... he could not end without something like that, so ... I think he threw my shoes in the trash, but yeah, that's Kobe for you.
It's been a tough couple weeks for Young. As we all know, Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell recorded Young admitting to cheating on his finacee Iggy Azalea. Young was so perturbed by that betrayal he had stopped traveling with the team, although he returned for the last few days of the season.

At least he got something from Mamba:

#MambaDay 60 tho

A photo posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

We guess it's lucky he didn't ask him to sign an Iggy Azalea CD.

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