The KKK Tells XXXTentacion They Are Coming For Him Over Video

By HHL Editors

On Monday, XXXTentacion dropped a very provocative video for his hit 'Look At Me!'

While the visuals ultimately end on a message of racial reconciliation, before we get there X hangs a little white kid.

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This afternoon, X shared a voice message from a self-proclaimed KKK member who claims the KKK is coming for XXX.

here's a voicemail for me and my partner left by a KKK member, I have a voicemail where he owns up to being a member of the clan but he says information about my partners business location that I do not want public, However, The video was made to reach these people to show "you" they're response, and it did exactly what it was supposed to, So here my fellow friends and human beings, is a clear threat of murder over an artistic vision, here is the "role model" supremacists some praise so much, here is the the hate that never stays in the public eye

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"Yeah motherfucker, listen. You got me involved now and I'm gonna hunt that ass down." the male voice says, "You want to kill white people? You want to kill black people? You want to play with the K, motherfucker? We're gonna tear your mothafuckin' ass down, bitch. We're coming for ya"
What do you think of the clip? Is the "K" really coming for "X", or have we fallen deep into troll valley?

The message does come the day after alt-right rabble rouser Alex Jones's Info Wars' YouTube channel called out X's 'Look At Me!' video as "murder pornography."

Check out the video below.

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